Church of England Easter on Twitter. Would you like to be a guinea pig? #everythingchanges

By | March 19, 2013

In the next few weeks I am acting as a  social media encourager among a few local churches. The CofE while broad, brave and innovative in many ways, carries a lot of inertia on these kind of things.   Centuries of doing things a certain way means that anything introduced in the last 50 years isn’t going to catch on quickly – but still I remain hopeful.

I’ve just been chatting to the lovely people in the Bradford Diocese mission control and this is the idea they have for tweeters over Easter.   If you are a CofE parishioner in the Bradford Diocese may I encourage you to get behind this.

The Church of England is asking Christian tweeters to share the good news of Easter on Twitter by using the hashtag #everythingchanges. It’s hoped that #everythingchanges will trend on Easter day as people tweet from their sunrise services until the last service of the day.

If your church is willing Alison Bogle at the CofE in Bradford would like to follow your activities and maybe write up an article for the #everythingchanges story in local media.  

Please contact Alison  if you are interested  in being a tweeting guinea pig (now there’s an oddity).

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