Church in praise of twitter

By | June 18, 2011

It's not often a church comes out in praise of twitter.   The Rev Lee Townend the vicar of my church, All Saints in Ilkley, has written a piece about communication and has delivered it as one of his blog posts.

 "Recently I've started using Twitter and also, in light of our new blogging Bishop, a weekly blog appears on the church website"

I can only say that I heartily approve.  

We may sometimes be critical of some inane comments on twitter, confusing websites and information overload, but I think it's a jump in the right direction.  With practice and acceptance of these tools I think there are some huge opportunities to be made in relationship building. The All Saints Website is improving all the time and the Churches Together Ilkley website is aslo gradually improving.

So just an encouragment for you to keep going on this, Lee and Huge. Thanks.


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