Change the way we see

I’m often encouraged to believe that how we see things can be a matter of choice.  Someone said, if there’s something you can’t change you can always change the way you see it.  If I am feeling depressed and negative about the world there may be good reason for that, but there is always a choice in the way we look at each situation.

This photograph is of a common tree. There’s nothing unusual about the tree and if fact it’s the kind of tree you can see everywhere.  But this tree is seen through a filter, a lens, from a particular angle. The exposure and contrast is chosen and the colours rendered in a particular way.   So is it the tree we are seeing but the effect?  Does the treatment mask the object?  I like to think that the choice of treatment helps us to see something we may otherwise have taken for granted. The treatment helps draw attention to the wonderful nature of this structure with its flowing form and delicacy.