In Search of Welcome

Here’s a little piece about welcome from Charles E. Rice.  In it he talks about everyone’s search for welcome as a search for ‘home’. Even better, he says, is giving welcome. When we offer our fellow pilgrims welcome we find “the welcome we ran home to on cold or lonely nights”, it is “portable, elusive and holy”.  Charles seems to….

Inspiring people

I’ve spent the day at Woodhouse Community Centre getting a few admin tasks done and trying to figure out how to get volunteers working on a citizen journalism project.  I feel that writing, photographing, observing, asking questions – just being curious – is such a life giving thing.  When you’re slumped in a chair doing….

Cutting down the number of emails we have to deal with

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At Oblong Leeds where I spend half my time, we were having an email crisis.   The number of emails circulating takes more time to deal with that the time available.  We discussed possible solutions and I’ve produced a digest of some of the points. We each receive about 5o emails a week – all of….