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Listening bank

Just been into a well known high street bank in Ilkley. The girl there said that a big priority for the bank is customer relations. The steps the bank is taking to improve relations include any member of the bank freely reporting their concerns and and any ideas for improvement. The scheme involved a team… Read More »

The day Mandela came to tea.

In 2011 as part of an Oblong Leeds project with the council I helped local schools put together a video about the Anti-Appartheid movement in Leeds Frances Bernstein was part of a campaigning family. Her father, Lionel ‘Rusty’ Bernstein, was on trial with Nelson Mandela, and he was imprisoned along with her mother for much… Read More »

Marcus Levine

Nail sculptor Marcus Levine has a pop up in Ilkley.  We popped in after an early evening stop at the Bar T’at and were delighted to have met him. You wouldn’t think that an artist dedicated to using nails as a medium could achieve such delicate and beautiful work  He uses thousands of nails knocked… Read More »

Mission Statements

I was talking with someone about mission statements today and through the post came an appeal from Amnesty International. It has their mission as set out be founder Peter Benenson.  The strength of purpose makes me realise how woolly mission statements often are – this one isn’t woolly or vague in the slightest. “only when the… Read More »

A little update and looking at my media week ahead

I’m feeling frustrated that I can’t make much time for blogging – an activity I feel is essential for my sanity and personal development.  So here I am at the Woodhouse Community Centre getting Oblong’s Annual Report sorted out for tomorrow. Oblong Leeds Two facets of my life right now are Oblong and The School… Read More »

Ten years or so of the blog.

Just realised my 10th anniversary of blogging has sailed by, it was some time in 2002.  I started my blog on Blogspot but have lost the login details and the email adress to go with it.  And so my embarrassing entries are there to stay with no possibility of deleting any of it. So what… Read More »