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Stonegate Listening

I am sitting in the beautiful little church of Stonegate in the heart of historic York. I don’t have a camera with me so you will just have to imagine. Ancient architecture darkened with time but enriched with a sense of history. Outside there is a busker sininging ave maria operatic style. It is a… Read More »

Bread Church

This is an image I like. In took it at St Augustine’s in Bradford as The Bread Church was setting up. This is a small congregation made up of local people some of whom don’t have any other connection with the church. There I met Ann Challenger who led the group and has since died.… Read More »

An astronauts guide to life on earth…

“Over the years I’ve learned that investing in other people’s success doesn’t just makes them more likely to enjoy working with me. It also improves my own chances of survival and success”  Chris Hadfield

A short lunchtime reflection on food poverty

Here I am chomping on a very posh burger between meetings to discuss the plight of people who are hungry.  This is a short lunchtime reflection for you ponder on and not written with a great deal of agonising. If someone is starving or being abused in any way it is, of course necessary for… Read More »

Discussion about church and corporate communications

Many thanks to All Saint’s Church in Otley for their hospitality last night. We were talking about communications and in particular social media. The church would like to reach out to the local community. They are planning a church re-ordering programme which will involve architectural changes and more importantly a re-invigorating of church life. In… Read More »

Rawiya, ‘she who tells a story’

I’m having a sandwich at the Media Museum having had a meeting about social concerns in Bradford. I’m looking at a big sign that says “life on-online” and reminded that communication is pretty much at the heart of most things. I’m writing this post very much aware that the busier we get the less we… Read More »

Help yourself, why don’t you?

A few years ago I took photo of the Cow and Calf Rocks in Ilkley and uploaded it to Flickr. Yesterday I was walking through town and there was the photograph in a shop window with the caption “shop local”.   I walked on down the road and blow me, there is was again, the… Read More »


I’ve been doing some virtual faming of my pictures. What I’ve done is grab some images of Ikea frames and then added my own pictures.  I’m pleased with the idea because it means I can see what the pictures are going to look like and even print the images to fit the mounts.  Perhaps the next… Read More »

It’s getting dark

There’s a mist coming in on Ilkley moor and darkness is falling. The trees are taking on an unsettling shape. Time to hurry home. (would make a great film location)  

Local evangelists

I llkley evangelists (from the archive). One way to communicate but maybe the medium is the bigger part of the message.