How to create an image library for churches and community organisations.

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I’m sure that journaling our stories through images consistently and over the long term will lead to an invaluable resource. A catalogue of images that truly reflect our organisation’s values and activities can help celebrate achievements and protect our future. I’ve been working with the Woodhouse Community Centre in Leeds and a number of local….

Some good foundations for running a social media campaign through your supporters

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For anyone devising a social media campaign you can do worse that re-visit Social Pulpit Barak Obama’s Social Media Toolkit. I know that maybe you’re not running for world domination just yet but there are a few pearls in it. This ancient toolkit is well documented and discussed, and maybe you’re already familiar with it….

Finding great images to use for free on your website, CC Search

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I’m writing these notes because I’ve been having discussions with our media volunteers in Woodhouse about sourcing images on the internet, so I hope this will be helpful. Finding great images for the website or for other publications is, of course, really important. excellent visual content can engage, inspire and communicate in a very powerful….

Cutting down the number of emails we have to deal with

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At Oblong Leeds where I spend half my time, we were having an email crisis.   The number of emails circulating takes more time to deal with that the time available.  We discussed possible solutions and I’ve produced a digest of some of the points. We each receive about 5o emails a week – all of….