Keeping perspective on social media. Oblong, All Saints and the CofE

I have been working with Oblong Leeds, a community development charity for some years now and we are at last getting round to re-working the organisation’s website. I’m also helping to develop the on-line presence of All Saints church in Ilkley and am part of a forum to discuss the on-line activities of the new….

Make it cool to downgrade and support those who can’t afford to be connected.

Had a very interesting chat with many in his late 70s today. He wanted to use the web and social media but felt he was being sold technology that was over specified. He bought a phone from the supermarket for £15 which suited his needs and now wanted something to write emails and connecting with….

Can we help others to become better than they think they can be?

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I had a small operation on my back yesterday which has taken me out of circulation for three days. It’s not really a problem for me though I suspect it may be inconvenient for some of the people I work with, sorry about that. Anyway, the upshot is that I’ve had the opportunity to read and….

Inclusive communications and working with volunteers

At the Woodhouse Community Centre we have been immersed in discussions about communication – personal, team and external. We have a flat management structure with a non hierarchical way of working. This means that everyone is involved in the decisions we make and no-one has overall power (theoretically and practically for the most part). Here….

Communications solution for small teams working in a dispersed organisation

Here are  a few thoughts on teamwork and a recommendation for Yammer, a desktop and mobile tool which addresses communications for dispersed teams.  If your organisation is made up of remote groups which need to work more closely together, share ideas and resources then Yammer may be of interest. I’m hopeless at working on my….