identity and voice

I had a lovely conversation with two girls at Our Lady of Victories Primary schools today. The girls where visiting from the nearby Holy Family secondary school. They asked me where I came from because they said I didn’t have an accent. I said I was born in Bradford but have spent a long time….

Can we help others to become better than they think they can be?

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I had a small operation on my back yesterday which has taken me out of circulation for three days. It’s not really a problem for me though I suspect it may be inconvenient for some of the people I work with, sorry about that. Anyway, the upshot is that I’ve had the opportunity to read and….

Schools: Exciting film commission opportunity from Film Nation UK

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Below is some information sent to me from CAPE UK (creative practitioners in schools).  The use of tablets in schools is gathering pace and this looks like a very interesting opportunity. _______________________ Shoot Smart: The Tablet Filmmaking Programme Film Nation UK is launching Shoot Smart, a new commissioning programme that will explore and test effective….

The spoken word. Audio Boo for education

I’ve always had an interest in the spoken word and have been enchanted by the power of great voices. Audio Boo is one of those social media networks which I think is hugely overlooked by many and has great potential. I’ll talk about Audio Boo in a moment. Listening to humans talking is something which….

What have the Catholics ever done for Keighley?

Today spent touring around Catholic churches in Keighley. Working with four schools we have funding to tell the story of the Catholics in Keighley which promises to be an excellent project. We’ll be looking at the extreme poverty and persecution experienced by early mill workers and some of the heroic figures. There’s Fr Russell who….

Finding great images to use for free on your website, CC Search

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I’m writing these notes because I’ve been having discussions with our media volunteers in Woodhouse about sourcing images on the internet, so I hope this will be helpful. Finding great images for the website or for other publications is, of course, really important. excellent visual content can engage, inspire and communicate in a very powerful….

Celtx. Free software for screenwriting and more

Are you looking for help with screenplay layouts and a way of collaborating in the creative process?  The School Media Club has been trying out Celtx to see how it can be used in the classroom. In our latest school filmmaking project we prepared a screenplay together using Celtx, an online film production project management….

St Joseph’s Primary School film

Had a wonderful morning at Keighley Picture House there Nick and Eileen welcomed our cinema project.  The school had 6 weeks to make a film – but not just any old film.   The project was initiated by the arrival of a strange alien capsule guarded by the D.A.F.T. agency.  The capsule contained this encoded message….

Schools making films for the cinema

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I thought I’d share some exciting progress I’m making with the St Joseph’s project in keighley. Being a bit of a film technology enthusiast, I have been looking at ways of delivering school videos in Digital Cinema format. Normally this process would cost thousands of pounds to format and encode special files. The film we….

Schools are getting into blogging, but what do we mean by a blog and how is one written?

Schools are interested in blogging, but what is a blog and how do you write one? We use the term blog but what does it actually mean? The internet is now full of writing, networking and publishing spaces so what are the unique characteristics of a blog? I’ve been fascinated to read about Quadblogging, an….