Towards Addingham Moorside

Really nice to see the weather picking up again this weekend.  We’ve been for a walk towards Addingham and picked up this view.  It’s a really great spot looking towards Skipton and more directly to the right up Wharfedale. I love the way the patches of light sweep along the valley.

Towards Addingham Moorside

Waiting to be found

I am trying to be less calculating and rational about taking photos. There is a sense in which it is important to be found by an image rather than to search for it. It was something Simon Armitage said about writing poetry – about not thinking too much but allowing the words to find you…..

Close to home

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Today, amongst other things, I had a conversation with a charity which has been producing some very professional video to promote its cause. These videos are produced centrally as generic promotions – by their head office somewhere.   This made me think that organisations that keep a tight reign on their corporate message, produce media….

Golden Hour

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I have an App on my phone which alerts me to the golden hour. The golden hour is that period that starts just before sunset when the light becomes particularly delicious. This hour is prime time for walking the dog down by the river. This is the old bridge in Ilkley.

The Grove, Ilkley at dusk

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  The Grove, Ilkley at dusk. The blossom and the twinkling lights look lovely.

Let’s Talk – the vital exchange of ideas stimulated by real life stories

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The act of talking is very powerful, but let’s make a distinction between talking together and commenting.  The world is full of commentators, but much better than commenting is the vital exchange of ideas stimulated by real life stories.   This week I will be spending some time in Skipton as part of a Yorkshire….

Change the way we see

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I’m often encouraged to believe that how we see things can be a matter of choice.  Someone said, if there’s something you can’t change you can always change the way you see it.  If I am feeling depressed and negative about the world there may be good reason for that, but there is always a….

Hawk Overhead: Seeing the Wood for the Trees

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If you only ever see the world from head height looking forward you’re bound not to get the full picture. The surprising thing about this picture is that I wasn’t really looking at what was there, I was simply trying to emulate something I’d seen someone else do.  Really looking and seeing what’s there is….

Rocky Valley

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Very nice day today supposedly working in the morning and making the most of the good weather in the afternoon.  I love living in Ilkley and just being able to pop up onto the moor and then return home via a tea shop.   This is a good photo spot from which I took this….

There’s a forest of social media out there. Here’s a look at Ipernity for photographers.

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I do find myself distracted by social media but don’t regret it for a moment.  The thing is you bump into so many intersting people and inspiring creative work, and here I would like to flag up Ipernity a french social photo site. I use flickr for photos, of course, but I don’t really use….