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Keeping perspective on social media. Oblong, All Saints and the CofE

I have been working with Oblong Leeds, a community development charity for some years now and we are at last getting round to re-working the organisation’s website. I’m also helping to develop the on-line presence of All Saints church in Ilkley and am part of a forum to discuss the on-line activities of the new… Read More »

Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.

This is a reflection on how we communicate using social and other media. I have said some things I have regretted on social media in the past, but I’m learning slowly. Vigorous debate on-line is a wonderful thing and to be encouraged. It would be a shame if the mistakes we occasionally make can’t be accommodated by those taking part. Respect… Read More »

“Go out into all the world” if you dare.

Had an interesting afternoon at Kadugli House in Steeton yesterday at the Bradford diocesan centre for the Church of England.  I was there on behalf of All Saint's Church, Ilkley. The session was led by Bryony Taylor  social media manager at Reach Further  Feedback from the group suggested that there were fears about embracing social… Read More »