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Leeds Clothing Exchange at Woodhouse Community Centre

Very pleased to see this article in the Guardian about The Leeds Clothing Exchange (see link) at the Woodhouse Community Centre.  This is one of the groups that Oblong Leeds hosts at the centre and works to support. The Leeds Clothing Exchange , which gives people access to fresh affordable clothes, has become very popular in… Read More »

Inspiring people

I’ve spent the day at Woodhouse Community Centre getting a few admin tasks done and trying to figure out how to get volunteers working on a citizen journalism project.  I feel that writing, photographing, observing, asking questions – just being curious – is such a life giving thing.  When you’re slumped in a chair doing… Read More »

Story telling from the inside and Hilary Benn MP

Busy day today making plans for roles and responsibilities at Oblong Leeds running the Woodhouse Community Centre. One thing we are sure about is that the media and marketing activities require focused effort. Selling services and maintaining good visitor relationships is, of course, everyone’s responsibility, but there are specialist outreach activities. Here I want to… Read More »

The lower rate: why is the church seen as rich and closed?

I’ve been having a number of conversations about the way the church communicates. There is undoubtedly an urgent need for the church to get a few key messages across more clearly. If you set aside (difficult to do), the central thing of Christ dying for our sins, non church goers are even then confused about… Read More »