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Cutting the costs of ITV regional news. Perhaps more accessible?

I’m very interested to see how the professional media world is merging with consumer level media. Calendar News, part of the ITV news network, is using online tools that are accessible to everyone.   The ITV online news channel is basically a blog populated by videos hosted not by ITV but using Vimeo. Vimeo is… Read More »

online news within traditional newsrooms

The following quotes are a response to the notion of one converged and combined newsroom from a document called Convergence calls: Multimedia storytelling at British news websites By Neil Thurman and Ben Lupton “A website has to be constantly worked at … If you have people who are in their heads in both places, the… Read More »

calendar news sound studio

gbitv-soundstudio Originally uploaded by markwaddington. A lot of people are leaving ITV right now as a result of the cutbacks. The three of us working on ITV Local in Leeds will eventually be disbanded but we don’t have dates yet. Many people working in ITV Local in other parts of the country have already gone.… Read More »

A conversation with a media student

In the last week or two I have been contacted by a number of media students wanting to know how ITV works in the regions and how they can equip themselves for future employment. It comes as a shock when they realise that much of what they are learning is subject to the same amount… Read More »

UFOs over Yorkshire

I'm sitting in the ITV newsroom processing emails and from viewers who say they have been seeing UFOs over Yorkshire and Linconshire over the festive period. All this has been prompted by a damaged wind turbine which the Sun reported as being the victim of a UFO. It certainly says something about news values and… Read More »