What does ICT really stand for?

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I'm going to an ICT conference in Manchester on Friday. Apparently ICT stands for Intermittent Cervical Traction (I looked it up);  You can understand why I'm apprehensive. Actually, I have a lot of reasons to be apprehensive. For a start there will be a lot of teachers there and secondly it's all about technology (not….

Creative Project – order or chaos?

A creative project, like any other, has process steps and milestones. One reason why creative projects often fail is because not enough time is spent understanding the purpose of the project and refining the ideas around that purpose.

Badges, belonging and responsibility

Iconic filmmaking tools – meaningful objects – become the badges of the children’s responsibility, and seeing them all together they actually look like a professional film crew. I think this is an important visual way of giving them a sense of their individual responsibility and belonging to the team.

Time, place, character, event – the talking photo album

The process of constructing a story – deciding on what are the key moments, understanding the characters and context – is an invaluable skill. Here’s an idea for a talking photo album for use in schools.

Learning to debate using video

Filming a debate provides a little bit of fear, excitement and theatre into the learning. With instant playback you can address issues simply by showing them the video – often the facilitator need not say anything; show rather than tell. It’s also a resource to show other children with some ready made role models.