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What makes a flourishing city?

Went to an inspiring evening at Bradford Cathedral last night bringing together a wide representation of people representing the City. Flourishing City asked what it takes for a city to flourish. There were some very influential people there including senior management from the council, church leaders, faith groups and activists. Here are my notes. Jerry… Read More »

Waiting to be found

I am trying to be less calculating and rational about taking photos. There is a sense in which it is important to be found by an image rather than to search for it. It was something Simon Armitage said about writing poetry – about not thinking too much but allowing the words to find you.… Read More »


Lent is a great time for reflecting on how things are and where we  would like them to be.   My pondering today has been about the nature of commitment.  I won’t lie, I’ve been inspired by at least one person who I feel lacks commitment (not you I hasten to add). The kind of… Read More »

Reflecting on creative projects in schools

I've been reflecting on this year's Creative Partnerships projects in local primary schools.  There has been a real mixed bag – some brilliant and others less so.  The work has involved making video usually alongside a drama practitioner. The projects are set up by the school to a very specific brief.  The brief will usually… Read More »