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Back from Greenbelt

Just got back from the Greenbelt festival. It's an annual refresh, meeting up with people we hadn't seen for a while the most valuable part of it – the Grace team, of course. More to follow. Greenbelt Jump from markwaddington on Vimeo.

Lee Townend to be in charge at Ilkley

Since we moved to Ilkley we’ve been attending All Saints church in the town. The church is without a vicar presently since Paul Tugde moved to Farsley.  It’s been announced that Lee Townend will be the new vicar, probably starting in November. It’ll be an interesting period with new development planned for the building and… Read More »

God on Trial

The conference took a welcome break from new media last night. Frank Cottrell Boyce gave a moving talk on his film script for the forthcoming BBC Drama, God on Trial set in Auschwitz. Frank explained that it was not intended to be about the holocaust but finding an answer to the question of why God allows… Read More »

Churches Media Conference

I'm at the Churches Media conference right now and this is a message to those of you who have attended my two sessions talking about ITV Local Yorkshire.  Many thanks for coming along and for the excellent and inspiring conversations.  I'm going to write up some notes – possibly here but also on Interlace, a… Read More »

Churchrovers – re:fresh

Posting in reverse order here, so back to Sunday… On the subject of church we have decided to explore so over the next few weeks we are going to investigate some of the more innovative offerings in the area. On Sunday Deborah and I checked out a service held in Costa Coffee in Bradford. ‘re:fresh’,… Read More »

Art, propaganda, and the worship industry

Art, propaganda, and the worship industry is the subject of this nicely put together film with author Brian McLaren who will be at the Greenbelt Festival this year. Some of the responses are interesting as he strikes a chord with Christians and non-Christians alike. "As an atheist and one commited to see religion confined to… Read More »

VJ/DJ @ Greenbelt

Here’s the nice poster made up by the talented DJ Joel for his Greenbelt slot. I’m thrilled to be playing a supporting role providing the visuals. The idea on the visuals side of things is that the audience will provide some of the clips – so if you are at Greenbelt in Cheltenham please consider… Read More »