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St Joseph’s Primary School film

Had a wonderful morning at Keighley Picture House there Nick and Eileen welcomed our cinema project.  The school had 6 weeks to make a film – but not just any old film.   The project was initiated by the arrival of a strange alien capsule guarded by the D.A.F.T. agency.  The capsule contained this encoded message… Read More »

Creative media courses at Oblong in Leeds

Thought I’d update you in the media projects I’m involved with through Oblong in Leeds Oblong is a community development charity based at the Woodhouse Community Centre in Leeds. The charity manages the newly refurbished centre, runs community development projects and supports the personal development of volunteers. As part of this we are steadily growing… Read More »

29 ways to stay creative

Here's a nice little video on ways to help you keep up the creative thinking.  I like number 25 – stop trying to be someone else's perfect.  It's got more than a million plays on vimeo which isn't bad.

Raising curiosity levels

Had a meeting with Creative Partnerships today to discuss some schools ideas.  One comment was that across the different schools we've visited, there were measurable levels of curiosity.   Some schools children didn't seem at all curious (often in successful schools), while others were very curious indeed.  Set me thinking whether you can encourage a… Read More »

Reflecting on creative projects in schools

I've been reflecting on this year's Creative Partnerships projects in local primary schools.  There has been a real mixed bag – some brilliant and others less so.  The work has involved making video usually alongside a drama practitioner. The projects are set up by the school to a very specific brief.  The brief will usually… Read More »

Shadow Theatre

Here's a little sample of a video we made at a school in bradford. I have not done shadow puppets before but I was impressed with how this went. Of course in this context the process and what the children learn is more important than the product.  Scripting, building a wooden frame and cloth, fixing… Read More »