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A transforming wave of whispers. Key to outreach.

In my sphere a lot is said about outreach. We are endlessly looking for ways of drawing people in whether it’s looking for new recruits, securing new income or expanding our networks in some way.   Being outward looking is a good thing, for sure.  Getting outside our bubble brings us new opportunities and ideas.  To… Read More »

Oblong at the Woodhouse Community Centre

It’s been a busy time in Woodhouse. The WCC garden created by volunteers with the help of Oblong staff member Duncan Millard is just such a wonderful space. Working with the Oblong Media Collective at Woodhouse Community Centre is a joy. Such talented people. First of all there’s Donna who’s making herself a name as… Read More »

Marvellous Manningham – Photo Walk

Just to say thanks to all those who turned up for the Marvellous Manningham photo walk today, specially Andy who came over from Ilkley and John from Holme Wood.  The walk was organised by David Hartley at St Paul’s Church in Manningham. If you look at Wikkipedia you can quickly get an impression that Manningham’s… Read More »

Making a difference

When you are part of a small group of people trying to make something happen it’s impossible to point the finger at someone else without pointing it at yourself – equally it’s impossible to praise someone without taking some pride in yourself. I’m reflecting here on how we share success and failure. At Woodhouse Community… Read More »