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Appreciating the environmental activists

A very interesting Appreciative Inquiry session today with people involved in environmental mission around Yorkshire and beyond. The intention was to talk about their passions and what have been their best successes.  Here are my reflections while sitting in Asda in Keighley marking time before another meeting! In a Christian context I feel that care… Read More »

Be nice if the CofE could do some proper brand advertising

It concerns me that the Church of England for whom I work sometimes equates the transfer of text based information with communication. A word written or read out loud is not the same as a word received. The written or spoken word in a religious context is often a kind of legal transaction which establishes… Read More »

Islands within islands under siege

At the weekend I caught up with the controversial edition of Songs of Praise from Calais which included conversations with migrants determined to get into Britain. The programme reminded me that these were real human beings. It all seems very sad and unacceptable at so many levels. Here I am in a comfortable corner of… Read More »

Inclusive Church (or the Oceans 11 model)

Yesterday I went to a conference on inclusive church held at All Saints in Keighley – many thanks to Bob Callaghan, David Austin, Jonathan Pritchard, Elizabeth Millwain and others. So what do I now think about inclusive church? My ideal model of church would be an Oceans 11 church. Oceans 11 is a crime thriller staring… Read More »

Jean Vanier, founder of the L’Arche.

I directed a programme on BBC 1 years ago from L’Arche in London and it had a profound influence on me. I share with you a video from Together for the Common Good. T4CG invited Jean Vanier, founder of the L’Arche organisation, to address a cross party gathering of MPs and Peers on the 19th… Read More »

Is your church or charity paying too much for its energy?

This week we’ve heard that at least one energy company will be reducing its prices, and so, like all good households, it makes sense to review your church or charity bills and switch supplier if savings can be made. However, there may be another big way you can make energy savings. Charities and non-profit organisations… Read More »

Achieving something together as a community. Bees.

At Oblong Leeds, where I work part time, we have about 50 volunteers all of whom are involved in volunteer led projects of one sort or another.  It’s amazing how motivated people can be when they see a need and realise they have the power to make a difference.  There are thousands of people and… Read More »