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Be nice if the CofE could do some proper brand advertising

It concerns me that the Church of England for whom I work sometimes equates the transfer of text based information with communication. A word written or read out loud is not the same as a word received. The written or spoken word in a religious context is often a kind of legal transaction which establishes… Read More »

For those who are stuck with email

Today a touch of déjà vu. We were discussing the cripplingly high volume of CofE emails pouring through the system. This was the very same conversation we had at Oblong Leeds a few years back.  Then we formed a strategy of moving some business communications to social media which worked well. Email is such a desperately boring… Read More »

Talking about Talking

A day talking about talking. First of all in Keighley looking at how the town understands the difficult issue of sexual exploitation. This is a scourge that afflicts every community almost without exception. The consensus seems to be that this is something we must learn to talk about. Discussing difficult issues is more that simply… Read More »

Three things the church can learn from advertising

I’m writing up a few thoughts on what church communications could learn from advertisers. It’s dangerous territory, of course, because the church and advertising has always been a little controversial. But here are three things. 1. People make decision based more on how they feel than what they think. Pretty much most advertising appeals in… Read More »

Keeping perspective on social media. Oblong, All Saints and the CofE

I have been working with Oblong Leeds, a community development charity for some years now and we are at last getting round to re-working the organisation’s website. I’m also helping to develop the on-line presence of All Saints church in Ilkley and am part of a forum to discuss the on-line activities of the new… Read More »

James Foley – a will to find who these people really are.

James Foley’s death is so utterly distressing. In the BBC’s interview with him from a few years ago he said, “There’s extreme violence, but there’s a will to find who these people really are.” This was one of the things that really struck me together with his desire to tell untold stories. Just heartbreaking to… Read More »