Peter Byrne

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Just back from the funeral of Peter Byrne.  Peter was a man of faith and a huge influence on me personally. I got to know him when I was 17 and at School at Prince Henry’s Grammar School in Otley, West Yorkshire.  I was potty about radio and Peter was a producer at BBC Radio….

Catchup BBC shows in Bradford and Leeds

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It was good to see the BBC being present in Northern church settings this last week. Songs of Praise from Salford included a moving piece with the brother of David Haines the humanitarian aid worker who was murdered by Islamic State militants. In the interview he’s joined by Bishop Toby of Bradford on a visit….

Life in all its fullness to the nation, The BBC and the CofE

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What does the BBC and the Church of England have in common? Why is it important to support institutions that have a non commercial presence in out lives – even if we rarely drop in? Let’s think about this. The BBC’s licence fee seems to be back in the news. Once upon a time the….

Crimea, “hearts and minds of the people” give me a break!

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I don’t claim any sort of special knowledge of European politics or history. However I do feel drawn into the Ukraine, Crimea story. The reason is that I spent a few weeks in Ukraine at the behest of the BBC a few years ago. The visit was in the period leading up to the elections….

Tony Benn “Come on in the door’s open”

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I have a memory of visiting his house in Holland Park, West London. I was doing a series of interviews for the launch of BBC Parliament some years ago. The films were about the workings of parliament and he agreed to be part of the film but only if he could talk on the subject….

TV Centre was a crazy place full of wonderful people. Watch Ed Stradling’s short film.

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I’m not one for looking back and I don’t really do nostalgia much which is why I didn’t reflect much on the passing of BBC Television Centre in West London.  However I belatedly caught up with this film made by Ed Stradling.   I spent about twenty years of my working life at TV centre and for anyone who….

Grey Hair at the BBC. My own thoughts.

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Removing grey hair on the BBC is more about conforming to a stereotypical “newsreader” image than it is about age.  We have a notion of authority which is based on power dressing, posture, pitch of voice and maybe even class. Removing grey hair is one of many tools we have for maintaining our individual power…..

Hillsborough – What we know about the source of content can make it so much more powerful.

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If you know the story behind the pictures and where they have come from, your experience will be quite different. 23 years ago I was working for the BBC at Look North in Leeds. I was at the Woodhouse Lane Studios on the day of the Hillsborough disaster. The images coming up on the screen….

Frankenstein’s Wedding

Here are a few of my video clips from Frankenstein’s Wedding broadcast on BBC Three last night.