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yorkshire art listing

One of my new year resolutions is to get to see more art in Yorkshire.  To that end I have created a list of interesting venues in the shire (started under the excuse of work).  There are some great places that I'd not given much thought to but have been given a new lease of… Read More »

Art in Yorkshire

Before Christmas I ventured down to the Bradford Playhouse. The thing about this venue is that it's not a big show of a building. There's no grand architecture or swish entrance foyer – in fact you might miss it, but I will say I was impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of the staff to… Read More »

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The one that spoke to me

Here’s a lovely piece on the Liverpool Tate online – the one that spoke to me.   I suppose in the end, whatever you think about a piece of art, it’s the reaction it gets that is important; does it change the way we think, feel or believe? In this nicely designed online installation visitors ask… Read More »

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The Question Mark Inside

What do blogging, St Paul’s Cathedral and the meaning of life have in common?  Martin Firrell has set up a blog to capture ideas about what gives life meaning. The Question Mark Inside. He says, we all wonder about what gives our lives meaning. It could be a child, a smile, an ambition, a particular… Read More »

York paintings

York paintings Originally uploaded by markwaddington. The Grand Tour in York is a project aimed at setting masterpieces free onto the streets. It's been extended until November the 2nd thanks to extra funding (or I would have missed it). The paintings are dotted around the streets, not always in the obvious places. This one is… Read More »

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Password Shibboleth

When I told my artist mother that I had been to the Tate Modern to see the crack, she gave out a short laugh; this gasp was her way of saying, why on earth do you want to go and see that load of rubbish? I found the experience exciting, as I always do when… Read More »

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The Making of Volume

Back in January I posted a short video about the Volume installation at the V&A. Well, continuing the technical theme, here is an interesting series of images showing the construction of Volume by the creators, United Visual Artists. Click here or on the image below to go to the slide show.

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