Blackberry Picking

By | September 4, 2007


Here I am late at night in Leeds having missed my regular train. This is the first time I’ve tried to blog from my phone, but it seems to be a surprisingly effortless process. There is no doubt that mobile technology is having a significant influence in the way we are less and less compartmentalising our lives. In the past I would have set aside time specifically to do this, but now I can do it on the fly.

There used to be a time for working, a time for eating, a time for watching the TV, but no longer is this so; there is a blurring between work and play, between profession and recreation. Am I having fun doing this or is this somehow related to work?

This week I have had working lunches and I hardly ever watch TV at home (if I do it’s on a PC screen). I suppose Sunday used to be in a special compartment, but even that time is now up for  grabs. Doing church for an hour on Sunday morning is one of those threatened time bunkers.

We live, as someone said, in a Martini culture – any time, any place, anywhere (from a famous advertising campaign).

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