BBC advertising twitter in the uk?

By | August 31, 2008

Elderly, churchgoing aunt skips off for dirty weekends abroad!

As you may have noticed I've been using Twitter. I'm always a late starter in these things but I was surprised to see the BBC advertising this commercial service in the UK. Twitter inc is a commercial service is it not? Join Now, appears to say the BBC. Was it offered in return for the facility to integrate Twitter into the UK BBC website? 

In fact I was mistaken. The link that took me from the BBC site to the twitter site was very similar in design; they had carried over the same art work. But unless you are looking at the address bar in your browser you'd think this was the BBC speaking. The heading came from Twitter itself, but it does look like a BBC message. 

I like this facility and what the BBC is trying here, but I suppose the issue is one of how far can you  can collaborate and link up with partners while protecting your own brand? For the BBC there is a tension between being a walled garden and collaborating with the wider world.



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This prompted me to look at the BBC terms for advertisers outside the UK.  If you are interested in advertising to a discerning news audience on the BBC News site, there is a BBC Worldwide page that does the hard sell to advertisers – i'd give you the link but I've lost it and it's difficult to find.

I personally am not sure that just because the content is blocked from view of the UK audience it won't have an impact on the brand. Conversations are unstoppably global: 32,000 search results on advertising.  It's a bit like discovering your elderly, churchgoing aunt skips off for dirty weekends abroad.

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