Back to life

By | February 17, 2008

Just posted a thought on the Grace Lent Blog. This has now become a traditional event with a growing number of contributors – a new post everyday through lent. Usually one person oversees the rota of contributors and I’m sorry to say that I usually leave it to the last minute before posting causing anxiety (sorry Jackie). The Grace website generally is a rich source of creativity and inspiration.

We’ve been doing some gardening today. The sun has been shining, there’s a frost on the ground and  the snowdrops are coming through.  Part of the process of getting the garden straight has been to clear away the rubbish, dig out the old roots and plant some new specimens.

I know it’s a cliche to use the garden as an illustration of decay, preparation and new life, but I can’t help feel excited. For me it  really is wonderful seeing this small patch of land springing back to life. We’ve even been looking at garden furniture and a new chiminea.

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