Attention school teachers, Pocket Praise is available now

Just had word from Richard Crook about Pocket Praise for iPhone.  Pocket Praise is part of the Praise Pod family, a brilliant idea to reward children for good behaviour  This is a brilliant use of technology to encourage children and make them feel valued and capable.  Go to the Apps Store



Pocket praise takes sticker charts to another level.

With this app you can create a multimedia reward chart, capture good behaviours as a photo or movie then watch again and share successes with family and friends.

A sticker has always put smiles on faces and helped promote good behaviours. So just imagine what a talking sticker can do. . . We’ve tested it and it’s pretty amazing how things change when people use pocket praise. 


Pocket praise works for everyone; so don’t just let the kids have all the fun. Why not use pocket praise as your own personal reward chart to help you reach your targets?