Asta Philpot and the Spanish Brothel

By | September 25, 2008

Asta Asta Philpot is a remarkable individual. Confined to a wheelchair he lives his life harder and faster than most people Iknow.  He's a video editor at ITV Yorkshire, but has ambitions to change the world. One of his missions is to ensure all disabled people have the same rights as "normal" people. In the short time I have know him he hascome up with loads of ideas, many of which are too outrageous to probably see the light of day but we live in hope.

Asta has started his own on on-line TV channel, Our Time TV, and he says he's going to do a live show at the weekend (27th Sept at 8pm)- can't wait. In the meantime he is presenting the story of how he lost his virginity in a Spanish brothel – a One Show film. Watch it here

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