Art in Yorkshire

By | January 5, 2009

Before Christmas I ventured down to the Bradford Playhouse. The thing about this venue is that it's not a big show of a building. There's no grand architecture or swish entrance foyer – in fact you might miss it, but I will say I was impressed by the commitment and enthusiasm of the staff to the cause of art and specifically art in Bradford. There are varied spaces and as well as the main theatre there is a cafe area used for live music and art exhibitions.

Like many venues such as this, the Playhouse exists on the edge of financial survival and so one of the difficult decisions has been to hold occasional sales of costumes and props from a 40 year old collection. Watch this video

My own new year resolution is to be more attentive to art in the region and take notice of some of the smaller art and performance venues. You might like to look at ITV Local Yorkshire's art venues listing and try some of them out. Art in Yorkshire And If you would like to comment on a venue or recommend one for inclusion on ITV Local Yorkshire, please have your say.

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