A little update and looking at my media week ahead

By | December 2, 2012

I’m feeling frustrated that I can’t make much time for blogging – an activity I feel is essential for my sanity and personal development.  So here I am at the Woodhouse Community Centre getting Oblong’s Annual Report sorted out for tomorrow.

Oblong Leeds

Two facets of my life right now are Oblong and The School Media Club.  Both these activities are firmly rooted in community media and skills development. Here are the Woodhouse Community Centre we have a business road map which includes developing partnerships with media producers, media educators and channel operators.  My ideal result would be to bring those learning, doing and distributing media together in one space, and I’m working hard at this.  Oblong is a community development organisation and to have a solid media operation connected to it would be brilliant.

The School Media Club

The School Media Club is a growing at pace right now and I’ve teamed up with Dan Moorhouse, and experienced teacher and writer.   We believe we have a great offering, particularly in participatory creative projects.  We are actively looking for projects for the new year, particularly film and journalism projects to help with writing.  Blogging is an area we want to develop, though we would call it online journalism.  We have launched on online magazine at Our Lady of Victories school in Keighley and are looking for more schools that want to get into this.

The Department of Alien Friends and Territories (working title).  At St Joseph’s Primary School in Keighley we are mid way through a big film project which involved 60 children in Year Five working as a film unit – production, set design, writing, production management, acting and so on. The scale and complexity of the project means that everyone gets something out of it and there’s maximum participation.

The project started with a mysterious smoking capsule appearing the day after bonfire night.  The government sent men in black to guard the capsule which turned out to contain a message to the school from an alien race. The children are making a journey to the other planet to help save them from doom.  Meanwhile, world leaders are converging on the primary school in order to capitalise on this historic mission.  And so the staff room becomes the scene of  international negotiations with the press camped outside the school.  The film will be shown at a red carpet launch at Keighley cinema on the 19th December.

Church Media

I’m not so engaged with this yet, but I have been looking at how local churches can co-operate more effectively online.  It distresses me when I see the way churches and many Christians are represented in the media.  But the sad truth is that the church doesn’t do enough to tell its story and make clear what it’s here for.   We have a new vicar starting in Ilkley soon and I’m half hoping that he might dare to form an actual communications plan (be careful what you wish for).  I’m meeting Nick Baines, the Bishop of Bradford this week so I may be inspired to develop some plan around this.

Anyway, that’s my little catch up.  Hoping our paths may cross.




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