24/7 Prayer in Ilkley – please share and promote

Christians from across the churches in Ilkley and Wharfedale are joining together for three-months of united, continuous (or 24:7) prayer from Sunday 18th September to Sunday 18th December.

This is an amazing effort from the nine churches in Ilkley here in Yorkshire.  Prayer is taken very seriously among our churches, as you might hope.  I think this will be a significant step for the Christian community in the town.  Already people are asking pertinent questions about what to pray for, how to pray and what to expect as a result of praying. Great questions to work through.

Big ideas and projects like these are always worth the effort, they bring people together and enable the community to build good working repationships, potentially. And of course it will encourage a lot of people to engage with each other over matters of care, concern, joy, blessing.

Any media types out there I'd encourage you to promote this effort by downloading or passing on the press release.   The download link for ther press release is here